Volonteer from Germany

Name: Clara S. Age: 19 years Place of residence: Hamburg, Germany

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Existing experience working with children:

Regular babysitting of three girls aged 12, 12 and 7,

three-month au pair in France from September to December 2023 looking after two girls aged 12 and 9

Motivation for volunteering:

I would like to get to know other cultures – not just as a tourist, but preferably by living an everyday life with the people there. I also always knew that I wanted to do something social for a certain period of time. I also want to realise that my privileged life in Germany is not a matter of course.

Expectations for the stay:

I would like to be a help at the Heshima Rescue Centre, both in the household, as well as with bookkeeping and at school as a substitute teacher. I also hope to become a confidant to the children, a kind of big sister. I would like to give something of my privileged life in Germany to give the children support, joy and a sense of security. I also hope to contribute to giving the boys and girls a good start to an independent life.