Our Projects

Heshima Children´s Home has a feeding program where it ensures that children get a well balanced diet and three meals a day. We provide education needs to all the children in the home. We have pre-school, primary and secondary pupils. With our two houses, both for boys and girls, we provide shelter for all the children. They are living together as brothers and sisters under the care of a professional team. The program provides clothes, school uniforms and books to the children. Medical care is provided to all children.

Heshima Rescue Center

receives children both boys and girls who are being rescued from the community. Rescue children stay at Heshima Rescue-Center for 3 or less months while their cases being handled by court and children department office.

Computer Course

We are also tranning children computer course at the center, to advance thier knowledge in different fields


We decided that we needed to provide skills training. So, we opened a school where youth could receive training to become tailors.

Children who are eight years and above are taught various farming activities depending on their age. To ensure that these activities do not interfere with learning, farms courses have to be done after school.
Social Media

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All children are visiting privat schools. The school-fees are paid by supporters from Germany - www.heshima.de


We have a very dedicated team on site


Lucy Murrey Riewold / Mama

What I do for fun? Beeing together with our children. Peace, quite and space to be creative.


Kate Amurugat / Social Worker

What I do for fun? Guiding and couselling children, sports activities


Benson Chivati / Cook

What I do for fun? I like to create meals and share them with the children.


Paul Kitaka / Security Officer

What I do for fun? Find me some good music and let me loose.



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Heshima Rescue Center

PO Box 383
Mtwapa, Kenya
TEL. +254 717 281163